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Celina Rydén Smoky Quartz Signature Series Art Kit

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For the first time, Light Elegance is bundling how-to videos with product kits. Each kit includes the product you need to do the selected design and a unique access code to a video showing how to do the nail art. Your purchase of the kit gets you access to the video for one month from the first viewing.

The videos are beautifully shot in typical Celina fashion and give the viewer all the techniques they need to create beautiful nail art in the following styles.

Celina Rydén Smoky Quartz Art Kit

The Smokey Quartz takes natural materials like crystal, and stone and smoke and takes them to the next level. You'll learn how to create a super realistic crystal texture when sculpting out the nail with clear. This technique can also be used for various types of looks such as icicle nails or even a next level unicorn design.

Smoky Quartz Signature Series Art Kit includes ::

  • Cuticle Oil, 10 ml
  • Nail Forms
  • Lexy Line Extreme, 8 ml
  • Primary Black LE Gel Paint
  • Lexy Line 1-Step, 8 ml
  • 2 Perfect Files
  • 2 Foamies
  • Super Shiny, 15 ml
  • Wipes
  • Gel Polish Bling Brush
  • #4 Oval Bling Brush
  • Swirly Arty Brush
  • Silver Metallic ButterCream
  • Celina Signature Series Case