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Blossom and Bloom UV/LED Color Gel Pack

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Pre-order Only. Orders including the Blossom and Bloom collection will be delivered starting Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

Prepare to Blossom and Bloom with the all-new Spring 2020 Color & Glitter Gel collection by Light Elegance. On-trend for spring with soft, elegant shades, Blossom and Bloom is inspired by beautiful flower gardens and luscious floral bouquets. Let the 12 new shades take you on a journey through a garden of rich creams, soft shimmers and delicate glitters with the right amount of sparkle to make your spring looks stand out among the weeds.

In-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch. The result? Responsible products that are vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA-free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters.

Color Gel Pack: Spring 2020 (6) 17 ml Color Gels, Blossom and Bloom Collection

Includes ::

    • Don't Be Such a Pansy¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • Rose to the Occasion¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • Talk Dirt to Me¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • You Grow Girl!¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • You Had Me at Aloe¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • What in Carnations¬†Color Gel, 17 ml
    • 6 Fandeck Spoons